How to Simplify Content Creation with Vertical Stock Videos

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Finding aesthetic vertical stock videos can be hard, but with The Studio Brief, content creation has never been easier!

With an extensive collection of carefully selected vertical stock videos aimed at enhancing your brand’s story, producing captivating content no longer needs to be an overwhelming challenge.

In this guide, we will help you on the journey to vertical content and clarify the benefits of using vertical stock videos, which speed up production and cut down content creation costs.

Following this, we will show the significant benefits of choosing The Studio Brief as your supplier for vertical stock videos, guaranteeing that your content stays at the forefront of your audience.

Time and Cost Benefits of Using Vertical Stock Videos

Vertical videos are on the rise, quite literally.

With the majority of media consumption happening on mobile devices, the importance of capturing the screen real estate in a user-friendly format has never been clearer.

Here’s how switching to vertical content can boost your reach:

How Vertical Stock Videos Save You Time in Content Production

When time is of the essence, the last thing you want is to be held back by extensive filming hours and complex editing suites.

By incorporating vertical stock videos into your content creation, you can dramatically reduce the time spent on production.

The Studio Brief offers a user-friendly platform for swiftly downloading pre-shot footage that aligns with your brand’s aesthetic, streamlining the production process to minutes.

How to Cut Costs without Compromising Quality

Producing professional-looking video content can be a costly matter.

The expenses can quickly add up, from high-quality camera gear to the hiring of skilled videographers.

The Studio Brief subscription services offer an affordable alternative, giving you access to a diverse range of top-tier vertical stock videos at a fraction of the cost.

You can enjoy unlimited commercial use rights across all content, ensuring that your brand maintains its high-quality visual standard without breaking the bank.

Why Choose The Studio Brief for Vertical Stock Videos

Selecting the right provider for your vertical stock video needs is crucial.

The Studio Brief sets itself apart not only with its extensive and constantly evolving library but also its commitment to customer satisfaction and enhancement of user experience.

Foundation Subscription

For just £5 a month, our Foundation Subscription is made for social starters looking to explore content creation and enhance their visibility.

You get access to our complete content library with 10 downloads per month and 200+ new stocks added every month!

Premium Subscription

For £15 a month, our Premium Subscription is made for the busy marketer who runs out of hours in the day to film.

With access to our complete content library with 25 downloads per month alongside 200+ new stocks added every month!

Unlimited Subscription

The Unlimited Subscription is made for SMM, Content creators, Digital agencies, Designers and Entrepreneurs.

You get access to our complete content library with unlimited downloads per month and 200+ new stocks added every month!

All our subscriptions include licences which allow unlimited commercial use of your social media content, website, and paid online advertising.

The subscription terms are automatically renewed monthly. There is no minimum sign-up, and the subscription is non-refundable, but you can cancel at any time.

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