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If you have any questions which are not covered in our below FAQ’s, please drop us an email or get in touch via Instagram DMs.

How does it work?

To gain instant access to our ready-to-post social media stocks, simply sign up to our service by registering for one of our subscription plans. You will be charged monthly for your subscription, which will be billed on the month from your sign up date – if you fail to meet this payment your account with us will be suspended. 

We add a minimum of 200 new stocks every month – making it easier than ever to adapt to social trends and nail your aesthetics. 

Can I edit the videos?

Yes. Once downloaded, our content is yours to get creative with. Editing our content is a great way to make your content stand out from other users. Why not try combining clips together, adding your favourite filter, include engaging text or even add your brand logo? there possibilities are endless.

What are your refund terms?

Once signed up & granted access to our stocks – we do not offer refunds. Our content is available to preview prior to signing up on both our website and social media – so users have the opportunity to explore our work before committing to a payment with us. We offer 7 days a week customer service for users to ask questions prior to sign up. If you’ve a question please get in touch via email or Instagram DM.  

Do I need to credit you when I use your stocks?

There is no requirement to tag or credit us when using our stock videos and imagery. However, if directly asked about the stocks you are using, attribution is always appreciated and our affiliate programme is a great way to earn if you are recommending us to your friends and followers. 

What type of content can I expect?

Our stocks are uploaded in collections and are inspired by the Pinterest aesthetic. As a studio based stock business, majority of our stocks are based in beautifully lit studios, where we shoot a array of themed content. If you would like to see examples of our content you can preview them here, or go to our IG feed where we share regular posts using our own footage. 

We continually update and diversify our stock library to meet our subscribers aesthetic social media needs. If you have any content requests or recommendations, please feel free to drop us an email or DM. We love hearing from our amazing community. 

Where can I use the stocks?

If you are subscribed to our first two tiered subscription packages, you can use our stocks across all your social media platforms. Our higher end package allows use across social media, as well as using them on your website and for your social media clients (if you are a social media agency or manager). 

How do I cancel my subscription?

Our subscriptions have no minimum required sign up and can be cancelled by members at any time. To cancel, ensure you are logged in and head to your account settings. Here you will find the option to cancel your membership. Our members are responsible for canceling their own membership. 

Is there a download limit?

Due to the nature of our tiered price packages, our different subscription options offer different download options. Based on the package you select, your dashboard will collect your downloads so you are aware of 1. What you’ve downloaded 2. How many downloads you have left. Our downloads packages are as follows…

Option1: (£5) 10 downloads per month 

Option2: (£15) 25 downloads per month

Option3: (£35) unlimited downloads per month

Do you have an affiliate programme?

Yes, we do! Our affiliate programme is for studio brief subscription members who regularly use and love our stocks. We regularly filter our affiliates to ensure they are active members of our community and to make room for those who use our stocks on a day to day basis. When you sign up to a subscription with us you will receive an email which will direct you to our affiliates sign up.  

What can’t I do with the stock videos and images?

You cannot claim the stocks to be your own work. 

You cannot resell the stocks. This is illegal practice (see t&c’s for more information)

You cannot use the stocks to promote inappropriate work and or activities.